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Asma Derouiche

Workshop Leader

Asma Derouiche is a multi-disciplinary artist and creative entrepreneur who is passionate about innovative design and collaboration. With a deep appreciation for Middle Eastern culture, she primarily focuses on projects that connect artists from varied disciplines to create unique and culturally meaningful pieces. Holding a Master of Fine Arts in Design from VCUarts in Qatar, Derouiche has a substantial research background that informs her craft. She has a particular interest in cultural production in Qatar and has worked on many projects that re-envision authenticity as a celebration of the immense creative possibilities that can be achieved in such a rich and diverse, cross-cultural environment.

Her dedication to design is evident in her role at Studio 7, where she serves as co-founder and creative director. She truly believes in the power of collaboration, and her vision for the studio has brought designers from divergent backgrounds together in the spirit of cooperation and artistic synergy. Derouiche is committed to showcasing the beauty and potential of local crafts and is constantly pushing the boundaries of what is possible in the world of design. Whether working on a new project or collaborating with fellow artists, she is always seeking new ways to make a creatively positive impact on Qatar’s community and beyond.

Contribution to Tasmeem
Workshop Build a Bear(ier): Solidifying an Idea co-led with Saga Ahmed and Yasmeen Suleiman on March 3, 2024 and March 4, 2024

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