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Mirna Bamieh

Workshop Leader

Mirna Bamieh explores the politics of disappearance and memory production by unpacking the social concerns and limitations of Palestinian communities amid contemporary political dilemmas.

With degrees in visual arts, culinary arts and psychology/sociology, she melds food and storytelling to develop socially engaged work through Palestine Hosting Society, a live art project she founded in 2018. Staging dinner performances and various interventions that draw from food practices as well as the passage of recipes through generations, the project aims to revitalize traditional Palestinian food cultures on the verge of disappearing.

Starting in 2019, with a need to look at personal history in relation to the collective, the artist has also been reflecting on the process of fermentation through text, sound, ceramics, drawings and video works incorporated into site-specific interactive installations.

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Contribution to Tasmeem
Workshop Sour Things: The workshop on March 3, 2024 and March 4, 2024


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