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Sébastien Labrunie

Workshop Leader

Sébastien Labrunie is a French multidisciplinary visual artist born in 1982. He specializes in crafting immersive installation art, 360 fulldome films, music videos, experimental VR experiences, and live A/V performances.

Using a mixed-media collage approach, he blurs the boundaries between digital and analog realities to create sensory experiences that explore human perception through organic textures and light. 

Blending surrealist and impressionist techniques within digital art, his work often carries a contemplative and spiritual dimension, especially perceptible in his large-scale immersive installations.

With a background in graphic design and VR industry he is now mainly focusing on experimental narrative forms, digital/analog glitch art and immersive installation art.


Contribution to Tasmeem
Performance as Innovative Media Studio – Open Studio on March 2, 2024

Workshop Immersive World Building – Interactive/Immersive Visuals and Immersive World Building – Interactive/Immersive Visuals co-led with Mourad Bncr

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