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FROMM. is a pioneering luxury contemporary furniture and accessories brand rooted in the rich design cultures from Msheireb to Milan. As a symbol of elegance and innovation,  FROMM. seamlessly blends traditional craftsmanship with modern aesthetics to create  exceptional collections that resonate with both heritage and contemporary design principles. Our collaboration with a diverse group of local and international designers is central to our philosophy, ensuring each piece reflects a unique fusion of perspectives. 

Beyond our commitment to design excellence, FROMM. is dedicated to fostering creativity  and talent within the design community through the FROMM. Lab. This initiative serves as a dynamic educational and talent scouting platform, offering aspiring designers unparalleled  opportunities to engage with the industry. Through workshops, mentorship programs, and a o-design process, we empower designers to contribute to FROMM.’s distinguished  collections and projects. Our collaborative works are celebrated both locally and internationally, with our innovative designs taking center stage at the industry’s largest  events. 

FROMM. stands at the intersection of heritage and innovation, crafting timeless pieces that elevate spaces and inspire those who appreciate the art of design.

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