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Ethan Kent

Workshop Leader

Ethan Kent works to support public space organizations, projects, and leadership around the world to build a global placemaking movement. Kent has traveled to more than 1000 cities, in 60 countries, to advance the cause of leading urban development with inclusive public spaces and placemaking. In 2019 he co-founded PlacemakingX to network, amplify and accelerate placemaking leadership and impact globally. Kent has helped initiate and grow 18+ regional placemaking networks covering much of the globe, while also supporting the PlacemakingUS network, and the Social Life Project.

He builds on more than 20 years of working on placemaking projects and campaigns with Project for Public Spaces. Kent has been integral to the development of placemaking as a transformative approach to economic development, environmentalism, transportation planning, governance, resilience, social equity, design, placekeeping, digital space, inclusion, tourism and innovation.

Kent has keynoted well over 100 top urbanism conferences and helped organize dozens of the placemaking conferences that have most shaped the movement

Contribution to Tasmeem

Workshop Reviving Third Places – a case study of an Education City cultural heritage site co-lead with Nihal Mohamed and Nur Alah Abdelzayed Valdeolmillos on March 3, 2024

Workshop Reviving Third Places – Plenary Session co-led with Isabella Rossen, Robert Čanak, Sebastien Turbot and Nihal Mohamed

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