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Nada Elkharashi

Workshop Leader

Nada Elkharashi (b.1995) is an interdisciplinary research designer creating thought-provoking experiences at the intersection of cultural advancement, positive change, and human emotionality. With 6+ years of experience, she leads design innovations in daily objects, furniture, installations, storytelling, and more. Nada defies conventional sustainability, forging a relationship between individuals and positive changes through her use of form, material, and perceived function. Her interactive works challenge perceptions, encouraging conversations and local insights. Holding a Master’s in Interdisciplinary Design Studies—MFA and a Bachelor’s in Interior Design Honors—BFA. She received multiple awards and international recognition for her works exhibited in worldwide venues.


Contribution to Tasmeem
Workshop Moroccan Pattern Painting co-led with Abdulrahman Al Muftah, Majdulin Nasrallah and Reema Abu Hassan on March 3, 2024 and March 4, 2024

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